Football Predictions

Predict the goal count for the upcoming EPL 2017-18 Season!


First game is at 7:45pm on Friday 11th August.

A fun way to follow the action...

Predict the scores!

How well do you know your football? Test your knowledge of football or Soccer as some like to call it!. Simply predict the scores at each game! The more accurate you are the more points you score! Enhances your viewing experience of the games!

Updated after every game

You can track your performance throughout the season and you can make changes right up until the scheduled kickoff time for each game. Once a game has started the predictions are locked and you can see what everyone else has predicted.

Challenge your friends and colleagues

Set up groups and invite your friends to join. Track how you are doing on the main leaderboard and fight for bragging rights in your groups! You might even decide to play for more than bragging rights! That is entirely upto you and your group!


Developed by GJ Stats

  • Using the Alpha Anywhere platform
  • Mobile capabilities coming soon
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This application is under constant development

Nowt, Nought, Naught, Zilch, Zip, Nix, Diddly-Squat, Zero....
To register for the game you have to provide a valid email address, this is to help prevent spamming. Your details are ONLY used for this purpose, we will never pass it on to anyone.
Who does!! No knowledge is needed to guess the score although we would recommend keeping to single figures!!
Full rule information is available after you have registered but basically the more accurate your scoring prediction the more points you gain.
Only if you count bragging rights!! If you want to organise such things please feel free to do so amongst you and your friends!
Way too long! First run for the 1994 World Cup but of course we did not have the same bright sparkly tech in those days!
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E: info@goal-count.com

H: We never really close!